Body Dysmorphia

While Working in the fitness Industry I have seen situations where people have a warped perception of themselves, what they see is not necessarily what everyone else sees. In their mind their body is damaged and distorted which effects them emotionally and physically. Sometimes the flaw can be minor or even imagined but their main focus becomes their body. This disease is known as Body Dysmorphic Disorder.

I will be researching the ideal physic vs. the distorted reality.


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2 Responses to Body Dysmorphia

  1. Looking forward to seeing process images as this work takes form.

  2. jfogden says:

    The drawings are really compelling, I love the fluidity of the lines. I think you can create some really great work stemming from this disorder and the traits it inflicts on people. Will you be focusing on one age group/gender/etc, or a general view point?

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