Test cup….

Test cup....

Experimenting with texture.

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Soup and sandwich set is in progress

soon will be more photos of my dinner set. Still working.Image

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Pitcher and tray for cold drinks

Pitcher and tray for cold drinks

Cold drink set was created to serve ice tea as well as snacks during lunch. The Stand and platter can also be used separately for other occasions. Work in progress

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Coffee Pot Set

Coffee Pot, cups and tray are in progress. Still trying to find the best glaze reciepe to fit with my set. If anything has a cone 10 blue glaze that might work well please let me know!

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Think Positive

Think Positive

A better way to perceive yourself

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Emotional Connection


The reason I chose this image by Emil Alzamora was because of the way is made me feel. The way the artist portrayed a feeling of pain and insecurity while the figure was hiding from the viewers is similar to how I want my viewers to feel. I want them to connect with the sculpture and understand how much this disease could effect ones emotions.

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While Browsing the internet I stumbled upon an image that made me think of a different approach for my project. This sculpture as well as a few other by Emil Alzamora made me think of how far I could push my limits to portray Body Dismorphia.


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Body Dysmorphia

While Working in the fitness Industry I have seen situations where people have a warped perception of themselves, what they see is not necessarily what everyone else sees. In their mind their body is damaged and distorted which effects them emotionally and physically. Sometimes the flaw can be minor or even imagined but their main focus becomes their body. This disease is known as Body Dysmorphic Disorder.

I will be researching the ideal physic vs. the distorted reality.


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